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Experience is our success key

Founded in 2017, OPNET Solutions is a company based on highly skilled people with decades years of technical and managerial experience in ICT, Telco and Energy industries and technologies.

We have developed a flexible network of partners that can offer both a wide range of competence and a consolidated knowledge database through a solutions portfolio we have developed working with our Customers.

Our purpose is to provide, to big and small companies, high-end tools and resources to empower and grow their business.

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Often, those who contact us for the first time confuse us with others. So it seems right to us to say what we are not. OPNET is not (only) a reseller or value-added one. Although the "box-moving" business is extremely profitable (if well done) as Amazon teaches, it is not our focus. We mix our and others "technology boxes" creating a new solution that fits the customer's needs. OPNET is not (only) a system integrator. We want to guarantee a continuous support to our Customer in all phases of project development, so our services portfolio has the aim to add value to whole proposal. So what is OPNET really? Perhaps the image that best describes us is that of a tailor that working in his workshop imagines, selects the fabrics, designs, sews, tests, finishes and finally makes the tailored suit for his client. Like a tailor, we dedicate our time to imagine the best solution for our customers. Like a tailor we listen to our Customers, we design solutions, we choose and integrate different technologies, we test them to ensure quality and reliability and finally we deliver our project to the Customer taking care that he does not have any problems during the entire life cycle of the same. That's all folks!

Basically, we are responsible for creating new networking and management solutions that can be used in various ICT sectors. Leveraging our multiple skills and long experience in different market segments, we are able to design from scratch the solution that meets our clients' wishes rather than assisting them in their daily or long-term activities.

We don't think that a first-class network devices alone is enough to realize a cost-effective first-class communication network. We think network design is fundamental in order to develop a solution tailored on technical and operating Customer's requirements for his today's and tomorrow's needs. And we don't think that a powerful network is enough to guarantee the quality expected by the end-users. We think that a continuos monitoring of network performance can help Service Provider in his network tuning and maintenance. We don't think like others. We think different. We are OPNET!

OPNET's portfolio strategy focuses on two specific areas: one dedicated exclusively to the Customer's need for skills as consulting, system integration and engineering services. The other is designed to address infrastructure optimization issues through a portfolio of optical networking solutions rather than the monitoring of network performance and security. The two proposals allow the Customer to have a supplier capable of covering a wide range of needs, from design to implementation and management of solutions.

OPNET's portfolio reflects the different needs of network and application scenarios, rather than qualified customer support services, which can be found in a service provider (i.e. Service Provider or Data Center owner), infrastructure provider (i.e. Carrier or Multi-Utility) or a business company that has to create its own communication network and related services.